Video Highlights Dangers on Highway


This video from the Ct State Police, taken by a cruiser on I95 in Fairfield on Thanksgiving night, highlights the dangers that first responders face every time they respond to a major thoroughfare.

State Police remind motorists to move over and slow down, when there are emergency vehicles, tow trucks, or construction vehicles on the shoulder. The Connecticut State Move Over Law “requires motorists approaching stationary emergency vehicles to immediately slow to a speed below the posted speed limit, and if traveling in the lane adjacent to an emergency vehicle, move over one lane, unless it is unreasonable or unsafe to do so. As defined by law, ‘emergency vehicles’ include ambulances, fire vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, highway maintenance vehicles or licensed wreckers.”

This incident shows the dangers of the being stopped on the highway, State Police said.

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Structure Fire on Roseville Road

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

At approximately 1:50pm this afternoon Westport firefighters responded to an automatic fire alarm at a residence on Roseville Road and arrived to find smoke coming from the home. The alarm was subsequently upgraded bringing all on duty firefighters from Westport, and mutual aid from Norwalk and Fairfield Fire Departments to assist with any subsequent calls in town. The quick response

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

allowed firefighters to keep the fire contained, with limited extension to the rest of the house. The Fire Marshal’s office responded to investigate the cause of the fire and units cleared the scene just before 3:30pm

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Mutual Aid to Wilton for Reported Structure Fire

At approximately 11:45 this morning, Westport firefighters were requested by the Town of Wilton to assist at a reported structure fire just over the town line on Westport Avenue. Westport firefighters could see a dark plume of smoke from the general area en route to the call. Upon arrival, units found a camper fully involved with multiple propane tanks exposed. Westport units assisted with fire extinguishment and overhaul and cleared the scene at 12:45pm.

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Mutual Aid to Fairfield for Structure Fire

Photo courtesy Fairfield FD

Photo courtesy Fairfield FD

Westport firefighters provided mutual aid to Fairfield firefighters on Monday night while they fought a fire on South Benson Road. When Fairfield firefighters arrived on the scene the house was already well involved with fire. Firefighters searched the home while extinguishing the fire but the house was empty. The house was seriously damaged by the fire. All of Fairfield’s on duty firefighters responded to the call which was placed under control at around midnight. Representatives from the Fairfield Fire Marshal’s office are investigating the cause of the blaze.

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Santa Gift Run Sign Up Available

santa image
Westport Uniformed Firefighters Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce that sign-up is available for the 2015 Santa Gift Run.
Please visit our sign up page at to sign up for a visit from Santa on a fire truck. Spaces are limited so sign up soon.
We look forward to seeing you all during the holidays.

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Westport Firefighters Assist Norwalk At Large Structure Fire

Norwalk FD photo

Norwalk FD photo


Erik Trauttman, Norwalk Hour photo

Thursday afternoon, Westport firefighters were called to assist Norwalk firefighters at a large fire in the East Norwalk area. The Ludlow Shopping Center, a one story strip mall was well involved in fire and Norwalk requested Westport’s tower ladder to respond to the scene, along with units from other surrounding departments. A Westport engine also assisted by covering Norwalk at their Station 4 while firefighters fought the fire. All of Norwalk’s 33 on-duty firefighters responded to the scene with five engines, two trucks, a rescue and a command car.  According to the Norwalk Hour the strip mall includes a  laundromat, A Touch of Class Cleaners, Penny’s Pizza Restaurant, REO Appliance and Licari Custom Floral Design by J.P.

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Flames Damage Colony Road Home

At 8:54 PM the Westport Fire department received a call reporting a smoldering wire on the exterior of the house. The initial response was one Engine Company and the Shift Commander. While responding Westport Dispatch advised that the homeowner called back

now reporting fire was visible. The assignment was upgraded bringing three additional Engine Companies and the Truck Company from Westport along with Mutual aid companies. The homeowner was instructed to evacuate all family members and wait outside for the Fire Departments arrival.
First arriving personnel found fire burning on the exterior of the house above the garage. One hand line was stretched from Engine 2 and extinguished the fire on the outside of the house. The line was repositioned to the interior of the house to extinguish the fire that had burned through the wall. Truck One overhauled the fire area making sure there was no extension. Engine 5 set up for water supply while Engine 6 searched the house to confirm all occupants were out and to confirm the fire was confined to area of origin. Engine 4 was assigned as the Rapid Intervention Team until the arrival of Mutual aid companies from Fairfield Fire Department. Norwalk Fire department sent one Engine to Westport Fire Head Quarters to cover additional calls.
The homeowner reported smelling something burning and noticed smoke on the exterior of the house. Moments later the homeowner noticed fire in the area of the outside light above the garage. The fire is being investigated by the Westport Fire Marshalls office. The last Fire department unit cleared at 10:56 PM.

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Generator Fire on Compo Mill Cove

Photo courtesy Dave Matlow for

Photo courtesy Dave Matlow for

At approximately 2pm this afternoon, Westport firefighters were dispatched to a report of a possible shed fire at a house at 50 Compo Mill cove. The first arriving unit at Old Mill road reported smoke coming from the general area. While additional units arrived and equipment was being carried across the bridge, engine 5 arrived at the house having made access from the Sherwood Island entrance to Compo Mill Cove. Firefighters reported a generator on fire next to the house and under a protective overhang. While the fire was being extinguished firefighters entered the house to check for extension of the fire into the home. Due to the quick response the fire was contained to the exterior of the house. Fortunately nobody was home at the time of the fire.  The Fire Marshals Division responded and started an investigation into the fire. Units cleared the scene at 3.10pm.

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Fire on Post Road East Fills Stores With Smoke

Early this morning at shift change, approximately 7am, Westport firefighters responded to a fire alarm at Sam Sloat Coins, a tenant in the strip mall at 606 Post Road East. First 606PRE1arriving units discovered an odor of smoke and the alarm was upgraded bringing an extra engine company to the scene. Firefighters forced entry and discovered heavy smoke throughout all occupancies in the strip, prompting the second upgrade to a full assignment, bringing all on-duty firefighters to the scene and assistance from Fairfield and Norwalk fire departments. As606PRE2 firefighters searched the stores for the source of the smoke, heavy scorching was observed in ceiling tiles in the rear of Wish List. Upon further investigation, firefighters discovered a fire that had caused significant damage but apparently self extinguished in a bathroom at the rear of the store. There appeared to be no extension of fire outside the bathroom although heavy smoke had 606PRE3entered the common attic space and traveled the entire length of the strip. Firefighters used fans to evacuate the smoke from the stores. The Fire Marshals office responded for the investigation and the Health Department was summoned to check Dunkin Donuts. The last fire department units cleared the scene just before 9am.

All photos courtesy of Dave Matlow for

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Hazardous Waste Collection Day – October 3rd


Photo courtesy

Public Works Director Stephen Edwards has announced that the town will host its annual household hazardous waste collection day on Saturday, Oct. 3 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Westport-Weston Health District, 180 Bayberry Lane.
This is an opportunity for residents to clean general hazardous materials out of their basements and garages and dispose of them safely. Listed below are household areas and the types of chemicals that may be found there:
Garage: degreasers, gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirits, oil-basedpaints, paint strippers, paint thinners, solvents, stains, turpentine, varnishes, wood preservatives, etc. Latex paint is not a hazardous waste and can be disposed of at the transfer station.
Garden Shed: fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, etc.
General Household: bleach, charcoal lighter, cleaning chemicals, drain cleaners, fish chemicals, flammable liquids, mercury thermometers, moth balls, pet flea shampoos, photo chemicals, rug shampoos, spot removers, etc.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

The following items can be recycled at the Transfer Station on the Sherwood Island Connector during normal operating hours: antifreeze, motor oil, batteries of any type, fluorescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs, and electronics.
The following items are NOT ACCEPTABLE: ammunition, flares, smoke detectors and commercial hazardous waste.

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